Gorgon Stare and SnapDragon as Agents

The new Snapdragon 855+ processor was announced alongside a US plan to use hovering stratospheric weather balloons to surveil borders While seemingly a bright-mobile-future consumer technology, has t the SnapDragon lineup been commandeered to suit the purpose of spy? An AI snapdragon in every phone and home speaker, and there will be nothing left of privacy, and everyone’s phone will know what everyone is going to do. Truthfully branded as "Gorgon Stare", the mythological term Gorgon refers to sisters who had hair made of living, venomous snakes.

Canada National Research Council Spreads some of their $310M

I always like to keep an eye on the NRC and what Canada's top scientific minds are up to. The NRC also serves as an economic tool for the government of Canada to effect economic policy. I also use the NRC atomic clocks for syncronisation to Canadian sources, although given the boomerang to the United States, it's not always so effective at being the "closest" network source for time.