Gorgon Stare and SnapDragon as Agents

The new Snapdragon 855+ processor was announced alongside a US plan to use hovering stratospheric weather balloons to surveil borders. While seemingly a bright-mobile-future consumer technology, has the SnapDragon lineup been commandeered to suit the purpose of spy? An AI snapdragon in every phone and home speaker, and there will be nothing left of privacy, and everyone’s phone will know what everyone is going to do. Truthfully branded as “Gorgon Stare”, the mythological term Gorgon refers to sisters who had hair made of living, venomous snakes.

Gorgon revived…

The real context for this article is the following article:


Balloons hovering above wide geographical areas, making use of air current directions at different altitudes to maintain syncronisity with eachother and with the area of surveilance. The article goes on to describe the system as “TiVO” for cities, with the ability to track cars. I’d imagine the tracking can persist to anything that is optically scoopable with the insane resolutions and processing power being made availalble.

Drone Aviation’s Winch Aerostat Small Platform (“WASP”) is a highly tactical and mobile aerostat system which can be operated by as few as two soldiers and can provide day/night video, secure multi-frequency and multi-wave form wireless communication range extension capability at the edge of the battlefield from either a stationary position or while being towed.

What in the world do we need with 192MP.  Surveillance at a great distanced, through as little air as possible.  4k tv is 9 megapixels.

Patrick Best
  • 192 MP single camera; 48 MP at 30fps single camera with MFNR/ZSL; 22 MP at 30fps Dual Camera with MFNR/ZSL


DSP features[142]

  • Hexagon 690 4th generation “AI engine” with greater than 7 trillion operations per second (TOPS)
  • Qualcomm Spectra™ 380 with Dual 14-bit CV-ISPs and Hardware accelerator for computer vision

What is the use of such a deluge of power? ”  To calculate things in real time that we never thought we could do just a few years ago, ” says Qualcomm. Qualcomm has introduced a number of third-party software vendor demonstrations that take advantage of the Hexagon 690, including a system that can change the color of a person’s hair in real time (hair detection and correction of their hair). color at 30 frames per second) or an audio app that can isolate your voice while you’re talking in the middle of a bar, all using only one microphone! Added to these features are the recognition of faces, the analysis of the depth of the photos, and all the swarm of functionality related to the images, that are fundamental to VR, AR and XR  “

In addition to the integrated 4G modem, there is a chip that not only manages Bluetooth, but also 802.11ay Wi-Fi, a new standard at 60 GHz that achieves a speed of 10 Gbit / s.